Advantage Baseball is having a 1 day camp on Monday October 12th.

To show our appreciation for Teacher’s from around the area we are going to offer this camp for $40.00 an individual and $35.00 for Advantage Players.

Sibling or neighbor discount of 50%.

The camp will include fielding, throwing, pitching and hitting. 30 minutes of Cross Fit training, as well as Home Run Derby, Cabbage Ball, and many other numerous fun activities. We will also be providing a Pizza Lunch, real fruit and granola bar snacks as well as water and Powerade! All you have to do is drop them off and we will do the rest! Camp will be limited to only 25 kids! Duration of the camp will be from 9 a.m. ( 8:30 drop off if need be) until 2 p.m. and can stay hitting or fielding in cages until 3 for FREE!